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Six Shots You'll Want For Your Wedding Pictures

Getting married? Congratulations! As you celebrate the excitement of your engagement, it's important that you think about what kind of wedding pictures you want to have to remember the fun of your big day. As you work with a wedding photographer and picture editor, it's a great idea to start to compile a list of shots you want to make sure you get on film. Check out these six ideas for unforgettable wedding photos that you'll treasure for years to come.


  • Morning-of Brunch - Most brides spend some time with their families the morning of the wedding, enjoying breakfast and getting excited for the big day. These photos can capture precious moments between you and the women you're closest to.

  • Getting Ready - Don't just have the photographer come when you're walking down the aisle. Capture the process of getting ready, stage by stage, so you can reminisce on your transformation.

  • The Bridal Party - In addition to pictures of yourself getting ready, it can be fun to have a photographer capture the process of your bridal party getting ready as well.

  • First Look - If you're ok with your soon to be spouse seeing you before you walk down the aisle, first look pictures can be a great way to capture a moment you'll never forget. Our photographer will blend into the background as you and your significant other see each other in your wedding attire for the first time.

  • Formals - Taking formals before the ceremony can be a great way for you to get out some nerves and save time. Take a look at the wedding photos of friends and family to get an idea of the types of formals you want to have. You'll be able to go straight from your completed ceremony to the reception, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your guests.

  • Candids with Friends - At your reception, don't just get posed shots. Ask the photographer to take plenty of photos of you and your new spouse having a great time with your friends.


As you come up with ideas that you want captured in your wedding photography, keep a list on your phone so that you can let your wedding photographer and picture editor know your needs. At Diamond in the Back Productions, LLC, we're excited to work with you to capture the wedding memories you'll enjoy forever.

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